Whether you are a business owner of a Finnish company seeking for either strategic or financial investment possibilities in Hungary you are at the right place.

I am Zsuzsanna Baksa and as the cooperative partner of ALTANA Asset Management I am looking for connecting with Finnish businesses which are interested in acquisition of Hungarian companies.

ALTANA Asset Management brings its expertise and experience from the plastic injection molding, metal processing, automotive, food, machinery production, electronics, and other sectors to establish background understanding of the specific selling or buying process.

ALTANA invests significant time into familiarizing itslef with the activities and distinctive features of their clients. Indeed, for having a successful transaction, it is not sufficient merely to rely on several years of professional consultant experience, it is important to have thorough knowledge of the relevant industry. ALTANA dynamic, unbureaucratic way of thinking and actions focus on the needs of their clients.

As a client-focused company ALTANA works towards long-term, mutually beneficial business goals.

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